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In Terra Swarm, a VR sci-fi survival horror game, players take on the role of Ryder Fox, a lab technician working at a geology facility on Mars in the year 2121. After equipping themselves with an Aura Link headset and navigating to the facility’s main laboratory, the player is tasked with scanning an alien artifact. However, when the artifact becomes activated, it opens a wormhole that transports the player and a large section of the facility across time and space to an alien planet.

The player discovers that they are the lone survivor and must explore the ruins of the facility and a large cave system populated by strange flora and alien, insectoid creatures to find a series of solar batteries and repair damaged equipment in order to escape the nightmarish scenario.

Throughout the game, the player must manage their resources and health, facing challenges and dangers at every turn. A unique gameplay system monitors the player’s progression and invokes encounters and scenarios to guide them towards tasks and solutions. The player must also choose between using solar batteries to charge items and tools or collecting them exclusively to reactivate the alien artifact in order to escape.

Status: In Development (in bold)

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Sci Fi, Horror, Survival, VR
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